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New to NFTs?
Thats OK, we were too!

Do you have questions about NFTs? If so, you are not alone. Lots of people do.

A common type of NFT is it’s a unique record that acts kind of like a receipt or certificate of ownership.

For example, for art, artists can create an NFT for their work. It’s a digital record that is like a signature or proof that they made it. When a collector buys the art, they get the NFT associated with the art, which is also like a receipt. They can use the NFT to prove to anyone in the future that the artist created the artwork.

The truth is NFTs are not just for art, but those are the most common type you’ll find in the PetDrops marketplace.

So what’s the big deal? How is an NFT different from a paper or digital receipt?

One thing that makes NFTs different is they are recorded on a ledger for recording transactions, called the blockchain.

With blockchain, transactions are public to anyone with access to the blockchain. They cannot be secretly changed later. There are blockchains for all different kinds of transactions.

For artNFTS, once an NFT is recorded, or “minted”, on the blockchain, it can be seen by anyone “on chain” and it stays there forever unless the owner decides to remove it permanently.

That is why we say you can immortalize your pet with a PetDropsNFT!

If you want to know more about blockchain and why it matters, you can download our Blockchain 101 one-pager here.

PetDrops and NFTs - A fun, safe way to learn about NFTs and help animals in need.

oday there are millions of creators and NFTs, and people are buying and selling artNFTs everyday on NFT marketplaces. It’s very exciting!

We also know there are many people who are curious about NFTs but might be intimidated or not know how to get started.

With PetDrops, we created a safe, fun way for pet lovers to create artNFTs of their pets to immortalize their animal friends on the blockchain.

Creators can sell their NFTs and a portion of each sale will go to an animal welfare organization. This is how Superhero pets and people can help save animals in need.

So, Are you ready to create an ArtNFT for your pet?

What is PetDrops NFT?

PetDrops is an online auction of digitized content, called an NFT “drop”. 

The drop features digital images or short videos of pets submitted by creators (and pet lovers!) like you. The NFTs are like certificates of ownership for the art. Creators can create NFTs to sell their art on the marketplace. We can help you if you don’t know how to do this.  

People who love animals can browse the collection, learn the stories behind the art and purchase the NFT and the artwork. A portion of the proceeds, minus the marketplace and creation costs, goes to the animal welfare organizations we are partnering with for the PetDrops project.

If you, your best buddy or family member wants to purchase the NFT to hang onto it as a memento or for future sale, that’s totally OK too!  Whether you buy it or someone else does, selling the NFT will help animals in need. 

Anyone can participate, from individuals to teams! 

How Does PetDropsNFT work?

Each portrait will have a digital certificate or token (called an NFT) assigned to it. This is called “minting” an NFT. You can learn how to mint your NFT or we can do it for you.

The NFT is permanently recorded on an open public record called a blockchain. Don’t worry, though, your name won’t be public, just the NFT info. There will be a record of this sale and any future sales for as long as the blockchain exists!

What’s more, if your artwork is sold again in the future, a portion of the sale will be donated to an animal welfare organization, with any royalties coming back to you too!

This is exciting new technology! You and your pet will be making history, your pet will live forever on the blockchain and we’ll be the first and largest project of this kind to raise funds for animal welfare.

Minting an NFT involves learning a little bit about cryptocurrency, too. But don’t worry, we will teach you how. If you aren’t a techie, we’ll even do it for you! You will learn about important new technology and money innovations that have implications way beyond art sales – all while helping other animals at the same time!

But wait, isn’t cryptocurrency risky?

No, not in this case. That’s what’s so cool – this is a low cost, low-risk way to learn about how cryptocurrency works.  If you choose to mint your own NFT, we have suggestions about how to be as safe as possible. We also offer a Done for You version.

So, are you and your pet ready to make history and come to the rescue of animals that need some help?

We are building the Impactoverse NFT platform right now. Sign up today and we will keep you posted about our progress and notify you when PetDrops is live!

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