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Collaborate and Build Donor Base

How we work with NPOs and impact initiatives:

Impactoverse makes it easy for NPOs to collaborate with brands and also to create their own advocacy and fundraising campaigns.

Benefits of the Impactoverse Ecosystem for NPOS and Impact Initiatives

  • Showcase pages for NPOs and impact initiatives for cause collaborations. We look for a spectrum of impact organizations, from well-known to small and focused.
  • Artists and Creators for artistic collaborations. We showcase a diverse variety of creators, many from underserved areas or groups.
  • Organization pages to showcase campaigns and build community.
  • Reporting on campaign performance and impact.
  • Minting tools for NFTs and tokenization.
  • What should we say about donation flow of funds, if anything?
  • A growing community of diverse NPOs
  • Coming soon: Our Impact Collab Lab – a resource hub where you can learn campaign best practices, tips, and lessons learned from experts and other NPOs.

You can access our ecosystem in two ways:
DIY – Once your NPO or initiative is approved, you can set up your own campaigns on Impactoverse. To get started go here.


We offer a done-for-you service to get you set up or to run your campaign, too. Please contact us here to discuss your project.

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