PetDrops NFTs

Opportunity for Brands and Infuencers

Here is the formula for futureproofing brand domination of your space:

Frustrated people looking for trustworthy connection
consumers want proof brands are taking a stand
emotional connection turbo charges brand loyalty
increased customer lifetime value (CLV) and higher profits.

The opportunity in Web3 is to siphon off your best fans and customers from social platforms that currently own your relationship with them, as well as all their data.

How we work with brands, agencies, and influencers:

Impactoverse makes it easy to create campaigns to achieve business outcomes and benefit causes.

Benefits of the Impactoverse Ecosystem for
Brands, Agencies, and Influencers

  • Pre-vetted NPOs and impact initiatives for cause collaborations. We look for a spectrum of impact organizations, from well-known to small and focused.
  • Artists and Creators for artistic collaborations. We showcase a diverse variety of creators, many from underserved areas or groups.
  • Brand pages to showcase campaigns and build community.
  • Reporting on campaign performance and impact.
  • Automation of donations to NPO partners (or what should we say about this?)
  • Minting tools for NFTs and tokenization.

You can access our ecosystem in two ways:
– Brands and Influencers can set up their own campaigns on Impactoverse. To get started go here.


We offer a done-for-you service as well. Please contact us here to get the ball rolling.

Interested in learning more?
Watch our slideshow about how and why campaigns with causes can improve business outcomes.