PetDrops NFTs

Are you wondering where to start
with NFTs?

is the perfect place

Have you felt confused looking at different NFT marketplaces? 

You know what? That’s totally fine. That’s where we were, too. 

Impactoverse launched the PetDrops Super Campaign to be an audience-friendly, safe, fun way for anyone who loves animals to get started with NFTs. 

A portion of all PetDrops NFT sales goes to help animal welfare organizations. 

What is the PetDrops Super-campaign?

As part of our mission to make Web 3 more accessible, Impactoverse created PetDrops as a turnkey NFT campaign option for businesses, NPOs, creators, and pet lovers, especially those that are new to the NFT space. Impactoverse is an impact ecosystem that includes an NFT platform and marketplace.

We chose animal advocacy because animal welfare has universal appeal; most people love pets and other animals.

Check out our info below to see how PetDrops helps different clients plug into NFTs without having to create their own campaigns from scratch.

Who is PetDrops For?

Company Brands and Influencers

Company Brands and Influencers - Are you wondering how NFTs can help you build brand loyalty, yet worried about the complexity? Running a campaign on PetDrops is an accessible, user-friendly, plug-and-play solution for you AND your audience.

Animal Welfare Advocate and Non-profit organizations

Are you wondering how NFTs can help you raise funds and build donor loyalty? PetDrops is an accessible, plug-and-play solution for you AND your audience.

Corporate Sponsors

Are you interested in positive social media coverage and building brand loyalty, yet don’t want to run a campaign? Sponsoring our PetDrops initiative or an individual NPO or creator is the perfect solution.

NFT Artists and Creators

Are you passionate about animals and want your work to help animal welfare organizations? PetDrops is the answer. You can create or gift art NFTs to the PetDrops Super Campaign. A portion of the sales will go to an animal welfare organization. The first step is to check out our info for Creators.

Superhero Pets and People Saving Animals!

Are you a pet lover wondering how an artNFT of your pet can help other animals? Sign up today to learn more and create your NFTs.


A special collaboration with the Girls School of Austin

GSA, Petdrops and Austin Animal Center

In October 2022, we had our very first test campaign with the Girls School of Austin. 

The 8th grade STEM class at the GSA created artwork and artNFTS of their pets! While helping animals in need, the girls also learned important concepts about NFTs, blockchain, and digital currency. 

The PetDrops NFT marketplace hosted their NFTs. Impactoverse sponsored the project and a portion of the proceeds went to help the Austin Animal Center and raise funds for the 8th grade class gift.

Superhero Pets and People Saving Animals!

Crazy about your pet?
Want to help other animals?

With PetDrops, you learn about NFTs and cryptocurrency in a fun, safe, low-risk way while you help raise money for animals in need . You can browse, buy and create NFTs. All NFT sales benefit non-profits helping animals. You will meet other pet owners and artists who care about animals, too!

Do you have a question about PetDrops NFTs?

Superhero Pets and People Saving Animals!